I. Peer reviewed
1. Smith, B.M., Chakrabarti, P., Chatterjee, A., Chatterjee, S., Dey, U.K., Dicks, L.V., Giri, B., Laha, S., Majhi, R.K. and Basu, P. (2017) Collating and validating indigenous and local knowledge to apply multiple knowledge systems to an environmental challenge: A case-study of pollinators in India. Biological Conservation 211(A), 20 – 28.


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II. Book chapter
1. Basu, P., Bhattacharya, R. and Chakrabarti, P. (2017) Pollination crises in the agro-ecosystems of the tropics: challenges and way forward. In G. Poyyamoli (Ed) Agroecology, ecosystems and sustainability in the tropics. Studera Press, New Delhi.



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III. Magazine articles
1. Article entitled “Food security in agriculture” in Food Safety, May 2016


2. Article entitled “The vanishing honey bees” in – an online magazine


3. Article entitled “Story of the vanishing pollinators – honey bees” in SujalamSufalam, Issue number 2, April – June, 2013.


4. Article entitled “The invisible world” in Sujalam Sufalam, edition Wildlife Conservation. Issue number 3, October – December, 2013.


IV. Under preparation

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