The vanishing honey bees

The vanishing honey bees

What is pollination?

Pollination is a charming natural process of transferring pollens to stigma of flowers. Most importantly, it is THE principle reason behind crop production. This priceless ecosystem service provided by all pollinators is the reason behind food being served on our plates!

Pesticides and honey bees

Honey bees are an indispensable element of agriculture and many crops are completely reliant on the pollination services provided by bees, often over a period for as short as a few days. Bee pollination is essential for the production of a variety of agricultural and horticultural crops. Honey bee is economically important for its additional role in production of marketable products like honey and wax. Honey bees also play an important role in the maintenance of biodiversity through the pollination of wild flowers and these in turn provide a source for food for many small mammal and bird species, either through herbivory or by providing prey.


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